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 NeoGraim's Mod of the Week

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PostSubject: NeoGraim's Mod of the Week   NeoGraim's Mod of the Week Icon_minitime5/6/2009, 6:05 pm

I know, I'm not going really well on the weekly bases seeing I posted week 1 2 weeks ago. lol But I have a new one.

Auctioneer, if you don't have it, is a really really REALLY easy way to make a profit without having to do too much math. It tracks all the items on your realms AH and will automatically price the items you're selling to make a good profit, it's not the max profit you can make of course, it's just enough to sell your item for a good amount of money.


Enjoy. Smile
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NeoGraim's Mod of the Week
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