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 Little early for Yogg-Saron?

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Little early for Yogg-Saron? Empty
PostSubject: Little early for Yogg-Saron?   Little early for Yogg-Saron? Icon_minitime5/15/2009, 1:08 pm

I was a little disappointed when I found out that we would be fighting Yogg Saron in Ulduar.

Its seems a little early or....anticlimatic. Old God Lore is one of my favorite subjects in WoW. I think it is a lot cooler then Naga, Murlocks, demons, whatever, and now we are fighting him with almost no buildup. It makes me a little sad.

I know there is SARONite, and that alliance quest that make you hear whispers, and the tree cut down blah blah blah, but that seems like buildup for a much lower lore characther than the "God of Death".

Oh well, I am probably the only one that this bothers.
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Lucas Fenix
Lucas Fenix

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Little early for Yogg-Saron? Empty
PostSubject: Re: Little early for Yogg-Saron?   Little early for Yogg-Saron? Icon_minitime9/14/2009, 3:34 pm

I don't believe it is the last time we've seen Yogg, it's worth noting that although we killed him, it's possible he's not gone:
  • Old Gods don't always die when you think you kill them (see Titan's first assault on C'Thun)
  • He could possibly be resurrected (see Cho'Gall's experience with C'Thun)
  • Old gods are bigger than most would think, Yogg'Saron covers 2 or 3 zones in Northrend, including Storm Peaks, Grizzly Hills and possibly Icecrown. Is it feasable that the Old God in Darkshore isn't dead at all. The weapon sticking out is only in a small fraction of it. It's possible the weapon impaled in it is to immobilise it or stop it regenerating, who'd leave such a big sword lying around? More importantly, who would leave an Old God lying around? It would be easily exploited.

The Titans know it's not wise to kill Old Gods, it would do something bad to Azeroth. If we've "killed" two so far and one is possibly "dead"... well that doesn't leave many does it? Could killing more than half the Old Gods cause some sort of destabilisation? Death Wing managing to burst through the crust of Azeroth and sundering the world in two.. not long after we down Yogg'Saron, could it be linked?

I think it's likely that one Old God is under the sea due to their corruption on the Naga. We all know that Queen Azshara has a big thing for powerful beings, maybe she's hooked up with it? The last one is a complete mystery, I'd guess it's either physically under the Stormrage Barrow Dens in Moonglade, corrupting the Emerald Dream, or possibly it's manifested itself inside the dream without a physical body.

When we've killed them all I see something big happening.
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Age : 33
Location : Saskatoon, SK Canada

Little early for Yogg-Saron? Empty
PostSubject: Re: Little early for Yogg-Saron?   Little early for Yogg-Saron? Icon_minitime9/14/2009, 10:12 pm

I'm pumped at the thought that many of these old goes might not be dead or really have been killed...why...because it means more future content and more WoW to come! Smile
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Little early for Yogg-Saron? Empty
PostSubject: Re: Little early for Yogg-Saron?   Little early for Yogg-Saron? Icon_minitime

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Little early for Yogg-Saron?
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