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 So my goals of last week. A day late and a buck short!

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PostSubject: So my goals of last week. A day late and a buck short!   5/26/2009, 6:53 pm

Well you had heard about my goals of reaching 2k last week... well I hate to say... I did not make that goal. 1950 again as of monday night and into tuesday morning *sigh* the wow gods were not looking down on my with happieness. Altho it all came down to me not being able to play monday night do to family reasons which is more important than WoW.


My partner and I ended up going this afternoon and ended about an hour ago. we went 13-4. 10 games in a row were wins! Which gave us the "Hotter Streak" Achievment and at THAT same time we also reached the notorius "Just the two of us"! thats right you heard it I have reached the 2k rating bracket. We decided to go till we lost after this, which and smart arena person would(not) and ended going all the way up to 2047 then losing 2 games quitting (for the week) at 2026! Still goal reached a day late but still there! next stop 2050 for shoulders and BEYOND!

Also sorry I havent been able to stream OR record my games.... far too laggy with internets and also laggy on system when I use fraps and you cant have that during srs binness hahahaha! Still super psyched!
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So my goals of last week. A day late and a buck short!
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