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 Can there be too many BoA items?

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Should their be a Heirloom for Every Slot?
Yes, and multiple options
 28% [ 32 ]
At least one per slot per role
 14% [ 16 ]
...not EVERY SLOT.. but Mor Plz!
 27% [ 31 ]
It's fine how it is, just let it be
 17% [ 19 ]
Heirlooms are cheating, take them out of the game!
 13% [ 15 ]
Total Votes : 113


Posts : 41
Join date : 2009-04-15
Age : 32
Location : Tacoma, WA (South of Seattle)

PostSubject: Can there be too many BoA items?   8/6/2009, 11:35 am

No, of corse not! ...ok, just kidding, but i love BoA items. Not just Hierlooms, but all BoA items (25th Aneversery Bliz Bear, Cold weather flying book, etc.).

Recently i started a Rogue alt to mainly level in PvP BG's. But i quickly found out that i should level at least the first 5-6 levels of a bracket doing PvE. Being 20 in a 20-29 WSG/AB is no fun. I have almost all of the Heirloom items i can on him (shoulders,chest, weapon, bow, trinketx2) and it really makes the leveling experience more enjoyable. At first i wanted bliz to come out with more Heirlooms because there are still plenty of slots to fill up. But then i thought about it... If i have Heirlooms in every slot then gear is no longer a motivation to do anything. You are covered from 1-80 and will never need to replace your gear till endgame.

I'm still on the fence on whether that would be ok or not and figured I'd bring it up here and find out what you guys think.

With Heirloom gear i am actually more excited to gain the next level. When you have Static gear getting to the next level is irrelevant unless you are getting a new talent/skill/spell. Your stats/dmg don't really change because only your base stats change. With Heirloom gear every time you level the gear changes as well. I find myself getting excited to see what the stats change to the next level. It's hard to explain, it's kind of like being excited to see what your Poke'mon evolves into, lol... can't believe i just said that... oh how i miss those days.

Although you wont NEED any gear from Instances you will still at lest want to do them 1-3 times for quests. I actually find myself doing them anytime I get a group for nostalgic reasons and to break up the monotony of the solo grind.

Quest rewards will seem useless (unless your a disenchanter lol). I use to be motivated to do long/hard quest chains because they yielded better items. It would make you feel more involved when you were invested in the reward. But i guess with heirlooms you are now free to just quest where you want to, and not feel restricted by "I need to make sure i quest here to do this chain to get X gear." You can just go try new areas that you've never leveled in before and not worry about optimizing your questing.

...ok, after typing this out I've realized that having a Heirloom in every slot would actually be great! More short term motivation, quicker leveling, care free zone selection, no fighting over gear drops, etc. But maybe there's something i'm not seeing. Please post with your opinions, i'll add a pole for a quick response.
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Kenny D
Keeper of the Engrish

Posts : 64
Join date : 2009-04-30
Age : 32
Location : Atlanta, GA

PostSubject: Re: Can there be too many BoA items?   8/6/2009, 11:50 am

I'm kind of like you... at first I thought the idea of BoA items were ludicrous and were essentially cheating against players that didn't have the items... and I think on PvP servers that might still be the case. But for PvE servers they are just great. Leveling 10% (20% now) faster gives incentive for people to level new characters and try out new roles. People talk all the time about in a new mmo they want "new gameplay"... but the fact remains that the various classes and talents induce a different way to play the game.

Blizz is doing a great thing by putting in more BoA gear, and I hope to see more in the future.

RAWRCast Editor-in-Chief and Blog Contributor
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Posts : 41
Join date : 2009-04-15
Age : 32
Location : Tacoma, WA (South of Seattle)

PostSubject: Re: Can there be too many BoA items?   8/6/2009, 1:19 pm

Thanks for the input. I realized there was one thing i left out that i meant to bring up, but i don't think it requires a new thread. How should Heirloom Items be treated in respects of Enchants? Originally because of mechanics (or by design) they could not be enchanted what so ever. Recently though (not sure when) they were changed so that you could use Pre-BC Enchants on them (basically any enchant that doesn't require an Item level).

My guess is that they didn't want to contradict the Twink enchant restrictions. Didn't want a 19 twink with Berserker, 80 SP, etc. And i guess i agree that a lv 1-40 having WoTLK enchants is a bit ridiculous, but so is a 70-79 with only 15 agility enchant.

I think they should do what they've done with the +100 Hp to chest enchant. You can still put it on any item level of gear, but it doesn't take affect until you are X level. That way you could put Mongoose on your BoA weapon, but if you give it to your lv 15, it wont take affect.
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Posts : 41
Join date : 2009-04-15
Age : 32
Location : Tacoma, WA (South of Seattle)

PostSubject: Re: Can there be too many BoA items?   8/7/2009, 2:44 pm

Mike Schramm contenued this discusion over at WoW.com and it's been bringing in some traffic increasing our poll numbers. One thing i'm noticing is that although we may not all agree with how many, the majority of players defiantly want more Hierlooms
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Posts : 78
Join date : 2009-04-22
Age : 35
Location : Utah

PostSubject: Re: Can there be too many BoA items?   8/7/2009, 9:33 pm

There can definitely be too many, but I really appreciate the steps they are taking. I think that the xp bonus and the flying token are good examples. As a reward for leveling up a toon to the end, newer toons should be easierto grind.
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PostSubject: Re: Can there be too many BoA items?   

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Can there be too many BoA items?
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