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 Hello from Sayomara

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PostSubject: Hello from Sayomara   Hello from Sayomara Icon_minitime8/20/2009, 11:56 am

Just wanted to say hello, introduce myself. Level 80 Troll Mage For Sen'jin. On the Azjol-Nerub Server US. Been playing wow on and off since Jan of 05 when my good buddy Jake pulled me into the game. He's playing FFXI now and my heart can't get into that game. I tried but its to much leveling a pally through the 40's as holy.

My main account is currently dead til I can use a scroll of resurrection to bring it back. So have spent most of my time over the last month playing my wifes rogue and getting her non-combat pets since they make her happy. sitting right below 80. I'm very tempted to get the blizzcon streaming but part of me thinks 40 dollars for something that will be over in two days and a pet that will only be around as long as this game seems a bit silly. Then again collecting anything like Garfield books or typewriters is kinda silly too. I still got the better part of a day to make of my mind. We will see

Half and Stomp you both rock and the people in the forum seem cool too. I hope I can add to your forum discussion. Or at least speak slowly and loudly thus making what I say more important as we all know.

Take care
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Hello from Sayomara
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