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PostSubject: For the Alliance!   For the Alliance! Icon_minitime4/14/2009, 8:34 am

Hey guys Aellerian here! My real name is Wayne I live in New Hampshire. Yup I have a slight accent and I love the redsox! I even have my bank toon named Bostonredsox lol. I am currently in the Army National Guard have been for over 6 years! And yes ive been there and back :-p Im 25 years old, about to turn the page to 26! If you wanna know more ask away!
Abooooooout my toon. Started wow waaay back in 2k4 with a rogue because before that I had played Ultima Online(huzzah for this game!) and I played a theif/staff guy... I forget the actual weaponskill i twas called btu staffs anyways I digress.... so rogue was the closes thing to my character on UO so thats what I wen with. I theeeen realized my end game raiding guild was lacking on healers badly so I decided on makeing a priest and my rogue took a back seat.(im still sad about it to this day and people will still call me by his name not my priest)
How I came into pvp was.... well I was getting terribly bored with raiding since we were doing it all... or all that we could up to and clearing AQ20, so I needed a filler and fell in love ever since honestly. I left my raiding guild for a few reasons the gm was an a hole and I basically wanted to grind out the Grand MArshal title and I couldnt if I was raiding everynight! Thus <World Defense Channel> was born on 1-1-07 as a serious PVP guild only doing premades and world pvp across the lands(STV pretty much back then). BC we diddled in a little raiding but nothing serious(I never saw Black Temple or Sunwell Sad ) I rocked arena's as soon as they came out using blues (didnt get to high) But season 2 came out and i rocked that to rival and season 3 and 4 I got duelist but only getting weapon in season 3 since resto druids were OOOOOOOOOOhhhhh PPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPeeeeeee :-p in season 4.
Now WDC rocks all content besideds 3drakeOS. We are casual raiders but we raid to get gear to do better in pvp. We have exploded into over 300 members and have something planned for this tuesday for the horde.. muhahahah!


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PostSubject: Re: For the Alliance!   For the Alliance! Icon_minitime6/24/2009, 5:21 am

And 3 Drake OS will soon be on farm Aellerian, just as soon as you get your disc priest ass to Vezax and we down him Razz
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For the Alliance!
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