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 Background Music, or no Background Music?

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Do you want us to leave the background music, or remove it from future shows?
 33% [ 4 ]
 33% [ 4 ]
I don't care
 17% [ 2 ]
There's background music?
 17% [ 2 ]
Total Votes : 12


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PostSubject: Background Music, or no Background Music?   9/17/2009, 12:32 pm

The show has been an evolution thus far. We started by talking into our $15 Radio Shack headset, upgraded to our Rock Band microphone, and thanks to the generous listener contributions, have since upgraded to actual microphones with fancy-pants audio software.

We have tackled audio levels and sound quality, all the while improving our show and content. And, yet... something feels strange.

When TotalBiscuit was on Episode 12 the one word of advice he had was that we should add background music, and we did as soon as we were able to. But, now I feel like it isn't necessary. I keep getting e-mails that it is detracting from our voices, and I tend to agree to some point.

I turn to you, our listeners... most of which have been with the show for quite awhile... This is just as much your show as it is ours, you guys are the reasons we have sponsors. You are the reason that we work to improve....
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PostSubject: Re: Background Music, or no Background Music?   9/17/2009, 5:43 pm

In my opinion the background music still helps to reduce the effect of any dead air if it is kept at the proper volume. During the main segments of the show I don't think its AS necessary but during something like my 5-7 minute segment I think it'd be more appreciated as there isn't as much "back and forth" to draw attention and combat any silence.

Honestly there are some shows I've listened to (and still subscribe to) that have louder background music and I actually like it, it all comes down to the balance between the hosts voices and volume of the music though.

I know the show will continue to be great either way but I can understand wanted to please as many people as possible.
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PostSubject: Re: Background Music, or no Background Music?   9/18/2009, 9:32 am

In my mind the reason you have background music is to fill in the gaps of speaking. What you use for background music determines how helpful it is. As Cornelious0_0 points out, in a format of back and forth banter background music may not be needed. When you're talking solo, you have to take a breath at some point Smile.

Ideally I would think you'd want background music that is very soft and non intrusive. Inaudible when you are talking but audible when you aren't talking. Seems like a balancing act.
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PostSubject: Re: Background Music, or no Background Music?   

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Background Music, or no Background Music?
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