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 Waisted Loot again!?

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PostSubject: Waisted Loot again!?   3/6/2010, 5:34 pm

Hello all Orthocobalt here again! sharing another Arse grabbing idea.

Why must we continue to see drops in raids for classes that dont exist in our Raid class make-up. New Boss in Voa only drops gear for the classes you Dont! have in your raid. C'mon Blizz Really?..... No rogue and both worthy drops are Rogue Only? Thanks for the Raid lockout for the week. and noone in the group got anything but a repair bill if anything.

Therefore Blizz seems to compensate realms by adding new content (Ruby Sanctum , Zul Aman, Voa Etc..etc) in order to advance characters and help them get ready for further content and continue to make badge gear easier and easier to obtain. Rather then just eliminate waisted gear like Class only gear for the Class you happen to not have in your raid. I have seen this many many times. I would much rather see someone get gear that could be used even if its offspec, at least we came, we Saw, we kicked its Arse and we have trophys (Gear) to prove it. Then waisting the raiders time and efforts to gain merely nothing =/

Not to mention, it would also help balance Abysals and make them worth something agian.

Maybee im wrong and asking too much, but what do you all think about it?

Thanx for your time in readin and giving your input in advance Smile

Orthocobalt ( GM of Graveyard shifters) Alliance of Perenolde
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PostSubject: Re: Waisted Loot again!?   3/7/2010, 4:16 pm

Good point! I totally agree that as smart as the instance servers are, they should be able to identify the classes in the instance and eliminate gear that doesn't pertain to the classes in the instance. I know that the drops are completely random, but if the RNG picks the drops, can't it be smarter about it?
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Waisted Loot again!?
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