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 Tanking Round Table - Pimp my Play Game

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PostSubject: Tanking Round Table - Pimp my Play Game   3/21/2010, 5:13 pm

As suggested by a listener on the April 2nd, TALKING TANK ROUND TABLE

Reply here to enter for your chance to get some one-on-one advice from our guests on the upcoming Special Episode: Talking Tank RELOADED!

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PostSubject: Re: Tanking Round Table - Pimp my Play Game   3/25/2010, 1:50 pm

I'm hoping this is the right place to ask this question for the next tanking round table:

I know that many tanks are advocating the importance of stam in raids (Veneratio is especially vocal about this) but how can you explain to other tanks to not just blindly gem and gear for stam? That threat and avoidance stats are important, or am I wildly off the mark?

My situation is this: I'm in a mostly casual 25 man guild, we are getting Festergut and Rotface down every other week.
I'm the "new tank" in the guild even though I have been around the guild for years (couple of members are family) but b/c I'm new, my opinions are not always taken seriously.
I mentioned the other night that some of the other tanks in the guild are not gearing properly, blindly tossing stam in every place that they can. They ridicule me for using armor pots during the harder hitting fights, for making sure that I have a minimum of 4% hit at all times, and I try to have as much expertise as possible using elixers and food buffs.

Here is the thing though: I produce THE most threat in the guild, even with MD's and TOT's on the other tank. Last night, one of the healers threw a tantrum when the raid leader asked me to go DPS for a fight and use 2 pally tanks, his reason for the tantrum being "Bull takes less dmg" with our 2 top DPS backing him up with the reason of "He has no threat ceiling, they do..."

There is now a push from a few of the officers for me to become the head of tanking in the guild (tanking officer) and I need to figure out if I need to establish some minimums on stats.

What should I do? Should I just encourage them to try harder, or do I need to make them have some minimum stats before we let them tank?

Thanks, Bull
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PostSubject: Re: Tanking Round Table - Pimp my Play Game   4/1/2010, 1:31 pm

In reality, threat shouldn't be an issue. If the other tanks are having issues then they're doing something wrong. Also, yes... gear/stats for threat make a difference however in most situations threat is dependent on what buttons are being pressed.

Now, not knowing your setup I'm just going to generally touch on the second topic. As for the stam gems... Effective Health is where it's at. There is nothing wrong with gemming for stamina. Of course, healers are going to like tanks who just don't take damage however the chances of them going down are much higher based on RNG and the spike damage high avoidance causes.
Interestingly enough, ICC tanking is a throwback to the days of Vanilla and TBC. Even for threat it's good for warriors to get hit since we use the damage taken to increase threat. Ultimately and in the long run static, consistent damage is the best way to take damage. This allows healers to get in rhythm since the damage is consistent. Essentially effective health (relying on armor & stamina) allows you to achieve this. Honestly, if healers don't understand this concept then they need to work on being proactive healers not reactive. Of course, the unsaid point here is that there has to be a relationship built between the tanks and healers. This way, they understand how to heal you while you understand what situations call for a CD.

Case in point, when I first joined Bound I died in raids ALL the time. Actually in a Deathwhisper encounter I died 3 times one fight. Now... because of the relationship and familiarity the healers have with me I feel confident in them and they are confident in how they need to heal me. Of course, gifts and stuff always help as well... yeah I'm a smart tank Wink

Anyway man, I'm looking forward to the podcast as much as you are... love to hear the tanks "talk shop".
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PostSubject: Re: Tanking Round Table - Pimp my Play Game   4/30/2010, 10:59 pm

First off I love the show.

My question is to any of the tanks that use the mod pawn. I'm trying to find a good prot warrior pawn scale and have yet to find one. Do any of you have any suggestions as to where I could find one. I don't like the idea of just going in and deciding to give a random number to a particular stat. The current scale seems to weigh pieces kind of strange. I have looked at gear that I would lose 4 stats of considerable value and would only gain a yellow socket and that piece would have a higher score. I tried to take out the values of the gems by creating my own copy of the prot scale but that didn't change the value at all. I love the mod for some of my other toons and would like to continue to use it. Thanks in advance.
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Age : 40
Location : Dallas, TX

PostSubject: Re: Tanking Round Table - Pimp my Play Game   5/1/2010, 11:49 am

Interesting man, I don't use this nor have I even heard of this mod. I guess I can see where the mod may be helpful if you're new to a certain class/play style however as a Prot Warrior I've found mods such as this to just be a bit cumbersome. Reason is, gearing up will be quite dynamic since you want tailor you're gearset around the fight or instance you're running. For example, in heroics once you reach a certain point you'll need to start replacing some of the tanking gear with dps gear so you're able to kick up some quick agro and help kill things quick. Additionally, you have to factor in each tanks favored playstyle... some will enjoy going one route where some want a different direction. It really depends on how you like play the class.

To answer your question, I think you'll find there are quite a few websites out there for prot warriors to utilize which can give you suggestions on the information you're looking for. I'll list a couple below which, as a warrior tank, I'm sure you're familiar with.

Tanking Tips - Veneretio's site. He's a Prot Warrior who takes great pride in being one (definitely my type of dude) and has been at the forefront of Prot Warrior tanking strats/setups for a while. Also he has some very cool calculators to min/max for you to determine types of gains and losses you may see on loot. This is something I've use for quite a while.

TankSpot - The site is immense and has a TON of everything you could want about tanking. Everything from gear lists to boss strats.

I'm sure you can find the specific answer to your question on one of these sites.
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PostSubject: Re: Tanking Round Table - Pimp my Play Game   

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Tanking Round Table - Pimp my Play Game
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