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PostSubject: Website Links   Website Links Icon_minitime4/9/2009, 12:04 am

  • nostockui.com - Started by my cyber-stalker, Matticus, this site reviews and highlights UI mods and add-ons.

  • Curse - Loads of user generated mods. First source to find what you are looking for. Also, the curse client is a great program that automatically updates your mods (as long as they are listed on curse.com.

  • WoW Interface - Equally respected site that contains user generated mods.

Rawr Approved Add-ons
This is a majority of the major mods that I use:

* Big Brother: allows you to view everyone's raid buffs and report your findings
* Clique: works with grid to create mouse-over and click combinations for easy casting
* Cow Tip: customizeable, tag-based tooltip addon.
* Deadly Boss Mods: raiding necessity, announces boss abilities and tracks boss cooldowns and phases
* Dominos: button mod, lets you put your bars and buttons wherever you want to
* Double Wide: puts your quest log and text side-by-side making complete quest text easier to read
* Explorer Coordinates: shows specific spots on the maps you must get to in order for the game to consider the region explored
* Forte: package includes cooldown timers, class specific cooldowns, hots and dots - essential for warlocks
* Fubar
* Gatherer: notes and tracks nodes
* Grid: raid healing essential, consolidates the raid into a nice, tight series of boxes - there are also many mods you can use with grid to tailor it to your play style and class
* ImprovedMinimap by Vertibreaker: better than the non-improved minimap... and it smells like Vert
* Minimap Button Frame: gathers your minimap buttons and puts them into one box with one minimap button - great for keeping things clean
* Omen: raiding essential threat meter
* Pitbull: customizes your UI bars and portraits - awesomeness
* Profession Tabs by Vertibreaker: puts all of your professions into one box with tabs along the side - also minimizes the number of buttons your need - one for all professions
* Recount: damage meter and reporting tool
* Tank Points: assigns gear with a point value based upon its tankyness
* Tom Tom: works with Double Wide to put way points as a directional arrow on your screen - go that way, dummy

I will add links for these as time allows. Busy, busy...
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PostSubject: Re: Website Links   Website Links Icon_minitime4/1/2010, 1:11 pm

nostockui.com is a sweet site!

Dat dude is coo.
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