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 So how did Blizzard Screw you this week!?!

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PostSubject: So how did Blizzard Screw you this week!?!   4/16/2009, 7:15 am

A rather dramatic post heading, but what the hell!!

I know it's childish and petty but I'm British so complaining comes naturally!

Week starting April 15th - Ulduar update patch

Initially I was impressed with Blizzard getting the servers up on time, I managed to get into game without any lag and found my trainer with no fuss.

No mass of players getting in the way and generally a smooth process getting into the new content. A hint of frustration that my mods weren't loading up but I've come to expect that so hey no biggie.

Then I tried to raid.

Oh dear. Not only is the opening battle in Ulduar a complete cacophony of ideas tossed into a round mixing bowl and spilled into a square peg but to add insult to injury the instance server crashed leaving our 25 man setup stuck on a loading screen when we tried to recover our bodies.

Eventually we popped back into the world and landed at the feet of about 1000 horde players who weren't too pleased to see us. Cue massive framerate problems and a real chore to get your body out of the way and our evening ended with huge disappointment after looking forward to the raid so much.

No gear, no fun. What were Blizzard honestly thinking? Did they expect us to head back into Naxx maybe!?! Of course 95% of their raiding community are going to jump straight into Ulduar so you would think they would have setup the infastructure to deal with this, especially when peak time comes around.

It baffles me to hear that the US servers seem to have experienced the same thing...is it that much effort to pick up a phone and call Euro HQ and say 'Hey, you might want to make sure you keep the tea lady away from the server wiring this evening because we're having all sorts of problems here'

Oh no, that's far too much to ask. So I'm left with my face in the dirt looking at the portal to a three minute loading screen...and I pay Blizzard for what now?

Theu seriously need to sort this out. For what is the biggest and arguably most respected MMO on the scene why do they get away with treating their customers like this?

Rant over - for now. Feel free to vent any similar feelings you might have Wink

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PostSubject: Re: So how did Blizzard Screw you this week!?!   4/16/2009, 9:45 am


They specifically limited time in Ulduar on the PTR so that guilds wouldn't be racing through the content... guess what Blizz. It didn't fekking work. With the proliferation of the strategy guides available and the availability of access to the PTR, there was no reason that the best guilds in the world wouldn't be through with Ulduar in a week. Granted, it may take a bit longer to open up the last guy since many events have to be done on hard modes, but come on... did you really think that you could slow down the guilds that REALLY wanted to be done with Ulduar right away?

What they succeeded in doing is limiting the testing NEEDED on the instance and the bosses in general. They pushed out the patch before the bugs were worked out with the events, the instance or the servers themselves and so they only managed to screw the majority of the people playing... and not the few you were trying to challenge.

If you have to hotfix bosses, they didn't get tested properly. If you have to restart servers or have hundreds of people standing outside of instances waiting to get in, they didn't get tested. So WTF have you guys been doing for the past couple of months on the PTR?

To make my attitude about the patch EVEN WORSE, they sprung it on us. I was only a few achievements short of the plagued proto drake from the 10 man raid achievements, but instead of focusing on those, my guild was business as usual and focusing on other things. I even went to another 10 man Sarth Zerg to get some of my guildies their achievements instead of dying like 95% of the other people that did the Gotta Go When the Volcano Blows achievement. We didn''t schedule a 10 man Naxx to try for the Undying till monday night and thanks to no-shows didn't even get a chance at running it. So why is it so important to Blizz to spring this shit on us anyway. What would be the harm in specifying a date? I mean this is just my own selfish motive coming out, but I mean, really...

I hope Blizz doesn't think they did a good job with this patch... hopefully they learn something from it. But to be honest, don't we say that after EVERY major content patch?
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PostSubject: Re: So how did Blizzard Screw you this week!?!   4/16/2009, 12:43 pm

Blizzard screwed me this week, but not because of Ulduar instability issues, and not because of changes to class mechanics. But because of the crash of instance servers yesterday. I was running my wommanz through regular underbog yesterday, and then in the middle of a pull, everything froze. Party chat was working fine and so was guild chat, but I couldn't one out or hearth.

No big deal I figured I'd log, and then I'd be okay, well that didn't work, so I just had to wait for an hour or so, until the problem was fixed. I get that there will be issues with Ulduar, but I would hope that Blizzard could keep that from spilling over to old world and BC instances.

I blame the limited testing schedule for this problem, when you assure that the only time the instance servers see any real load is when Ulduar is up and everyone is jammed in there you have no idea how the load will effect any instance aside from Ulduar.
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PostSubject: Re: So how did Blizzard Screw you this week!?!   

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So how did Blizzard Screw you this week!?!
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