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 Hurray for nerfs!

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Hurray for nerfs! Empty
PostSubject: Hurray for nerfs!   Hurray for nerfs! Icon_minitime5/20/2009, 8:49 am

Well nerfs for warriors and priests and buffs for others!(this might be a little bitch post but ill give insigt on what to do)

This is talking specifically for pvp.

Juggernaut: Critical strike chance bonus reduced to 25%, down from 100%. for all you warriors.. huge pvp nerf but dont worry your druids got buffed.. 2v2 with them youll live hahah!

and well priests... across the board with Disc got nerfed with
Divine Hymn: Healing and healing scaling reduced by 30%. Buff on affected players changed from 15% to 10%.
Soul Warding: Mana cost reduction is now 15% down from 30%.

Divine hymn at the start needed a nerf I agree. you dont have to be LoS and when 3.1 came out I was crit healing for 13k with that shit! it was awesome but OP... so they nerffed it. I saw it coming. but this is the second time... not needed I crit for 8k highest ive seen is 11k in pve gear. for a spell thats CHANNELED and easily inturrupted should not be nerffed again.

and with soul warding all in all still worth the 1 talent point because I sheild ALL the time hahaha and being able to shield without cooldowns is great!

and then we have the biggest thing (for me since I spent so much time andmoney leveling it JUST for this)

Nitro Boots Shut Down in Arena
After several attempts to balance the Nitro Boots ability in the arena, we have decided that we currently do not have an acceptable solution. Until we are able to better balance this ability it has been shut down in the arenas. We fully plan to continue working on this item and we intend to adjust it in upcoming patches.

We have plans to make certain that this item is still worth the investment made in it. So don't vendor it just yet. (Source)

I dont know what their plans are, I even asked a Gm lol but for right now ill stick w ith engineering as the shitty spec that it is for pvp, hahahaha. My advice to all you with it is wait and see what they do to "balance" it, get tuskars vitality on those sexy new Furious Gladiators boots you just purchased, and continue to kick some ass!

I know this kind of sounds like a bitch post but I will keep on keeping on and shoot for that 2k spot in the sky!
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Hurray for nerfs!
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