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PostSubject: UP your Game!!   UP your Game!! Icon_minitime11/4/2009, 5:45 pm

Hey guys, just wanting to share some things aimed towards improving your PvP "game". Don't assume I'm some kind of maniac rogue who two shots clothies and solo rapes a village. When it comes to PvP, I hold my ground in encounters and with 30K lifetime kills I would assume I have a (little) bit of credential. So here I go with a bit of advice to those considering PvP at higher levels. And, if you have a bit of your own post it; plenty I'm sure I'll miss.

Partake in duels - There are plenty of situations where you'll be left to fend for yourself against someone who's eager to chop your head off (or freeze it); there's no better way to learn other classes' strategies and weaknesses. Remember, losing is more important if you learn something than winning an easy fight.

Take note and learn - Your encounters are valuable study sheets. If you thought you've made a mistake, rewind the mental (moving) picture and recap. Often times though we'll (I do a lot) "fight" a player who's got the "science" down and counter everything we do. For those times, accept defeat and move on.

Immerse yourself frequently - One of the most important points to consider when striving for success is the immersion. It's the "riding a bike" theory, the more you do it the better you get. Obviously, riding a bike is less complex than dueling (imo), unless you're competing in BMX competitions or you've never ridden one before. Jump into the BG's and get those duels in.

Be diligent - You'll encounter a sac full of loses and a plethora of personalities which is why you need to be patient and persistent through criticisms made against you. Take the good with the bad. Don't let the elitists get you down and learn from the helpful. Of course, I encourage you to "play" nice yourself. WoW has plenty of jerks; it doesn't need any more.

Well, those are my thoughts. As I've said, I'd like to hear from others to see what you're doing to "stay in PvP shape". Thanks for the read everyone.

Making the best out of a loss:

UP your Game!! Untitl11
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PostSubject: Re: UP your Game!!   UP your Game!! Icon_minitime11/12/2009, 10:20 pm

Hell yea really good advice. Losing is to learn. Don't be afraid to ask noob questions. Don't be afraid to be wrong. You will be under geared but keep pushing. If your raiding you don't quit after 5 wipes so why quit doing the same in pvp?
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UP your Game!!
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